Essential Land LLP was formed in early 2009 and is responsible for acquiring and managing a significant portfolio of real estate.

We provide a range of development management services which focus on four areas:

Land Value Maximisation

Utilising our extensive contact base Essential Land sources a diverse range of investment opportunities which focus on land acquisitions and value creation. Through our well capitalised funding partners, Essential Land's primary acquisition route is through outright purchase on an unconditional basis.

Planning Promotion

Using both our in-house and external planning consultants, Essential Land manages the entire planning promotion process. Focusing on community consultation and stakeholder participation, the team employs a range of consultants necessary to deliver complex urban projects. With a diverse range of mixed-use projects under management, Essential Land works closely with the political community to ensure the localism agenda is at the forefront of our strategy

Public and Private Sector Partnering

The diverse nature of the projects under management requires a range of partnership agreements covering private commercial organisations to public sector partnering. Essential Land has the experience to manage affordable housing delivery, residential institutional uses, and community/charitable recreational facilities. Working closely with a number of public sector partners, we understand the process and how to deliver.

Project Delivery

With expert in-house knowledge and using the very best partners, Essential Land delivers both a land remediation and infrastructure solution for contaminated sites, through to construction management. The partners of Essential Land have collectively been responsible for the delivery of over 10,000 residential units over the last 30 years and 2 million sqft of commercial floorspace. Currently overseeing the remediation of over £5M of works, the company has experience in managing the latest bio-remediation techniques.

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